Blow Yourself Open, Have a Guide Along the Way
A VIP mentorship with couples/throuples or singles to alchemize anything in your way of becoming fully you, fully alive, and fully turned-on to life (and the bedroom)!
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What is it?

Think of really dedicated, attentive care to your fullest potential and having me there to guide and direct you whenever you sway from who you are.

Think of deep care to the parts of you that have been hidden in shadow and the massive transformation when you, with my guidance, let them play full out in the world.

Think of the wild, hot, deeply connected sex and intimacy that you’ll experience when you have someone to drop you into the depths of your vulnerability.

I’m Genevieve

erotic explorer and expansion leader, and I’m here to bring you to the fullest remembrance of yourSelf in your pleasure, passion, power, and purpose. People know me for how quickly, fiercely, and easily I can turn people on – even people who’ve had years of no sex, or no passion, or no turn-on in their body. I am the turn-on magician! I work quickly, I collapse time, and I base my work based on who you TRULY are, not on what you need to “fix” about you. It’s here that we play. It’s here that we finally get to find the freedom that we’ve been searching for.


Here’s how it works:


3x/month, we have 75-90 mins video calls where we go deep into your pleasure creations and eradicate anything that’s holding you back from your full power.


We’ll also meet in person for a deep, immersive experience. I come to you so that I can get a strong feel of the energetics in your day-to-day life and support the upgrades that are on their way!

See me as a third-party to you and your creations and/or you and your partner. I am an objective viewer.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you’re ready to completely transform your reality and how you live your life.

For the overworked entrepreneur who’s created success BUT isn’t having the fun, joy, and ease that they used to..

For the couple who has all of the external rewards but are missing the deep intimacy and wild passion that people think they have…

For the visionary who’s ready to finally birth their creation into the world but is plagued by limiting thoughts and/or stuckness in their body

You will learn…


Fully embodied, personalized self-pleasure practice


Tools to lead yourself through any slumps or low energy so that you can create and lead from pleasure and bliss!


The ins and outs of relationship and business non-verbal communication, so that your magnetism becomes clear, making everything flow with simplicity


An embodied sense of quantum principles: how to collapse time, increase abundance drastically, and move through life with pleasure and bliss always


A complete release of all and any victimhood, freeing you to live fully empowered and as the full creatrix that you already are


The hottest, juiciest sex you could ever imagine. I’m talking HOT, ya’all. Hotter than hot!


You’ll get the Erotic Blueprint™ course as a bonus to take you through claiming your eroticism, healing any sexual shadows, and then expanding rapidly into massive ease and pleasure!

SO much more

the VIP mentorship is geared towards YOU and your goals and needs. I’m here to be a catalyst for the transformation that you’re seeking.


‘”What’s shifted for me? I’m listening to others more, I pay attention, I speak from my desires, I’m growing a backbone, I stand up for myself, I put myself first, I’m happy and I love myself, I think about what I want and when I’m happy and fulfilled so is everyone else.”


‘”I felt a lightness after the weekend, an openness to myself, a willingness to explore me and my body more often, getting to know me, intimately, willing to stretch out of my comfort zone.”


‘”The biggest result for me was realizing that there’s nothing about me that I need to fix.”


””Giving myself permission to take up space and play. I am dancing now more than I have in years after all our dance parties. I feel like I have been gifted so many tools to step further into my understanding of pleasure for my experience. I left the weekend glowing and juiced up on all the growth I felt and saw. I feel a deeper enjoyment for life, a foundation that I can continue to build on.”


Does it really get to be this fun? Does it really get to be this easy? Will it “work” if I’m not putting in any hard work?

Yes, it does. Yes, it can. Yes, it’s more than possible.

Get ready to live in the quantum world of magic and pleasure. It is 180 degrees’ difference from how the rest of the world lives and works, so of course it may look impossible at first glance.

My desire for you is to leap into what your heart and body desire, and let the rest of the magic unfold before your eyes. Get ready for a complete reinvention and a wildly new perspective on how to play in this world with passion, purpose, power, and pleasure!


There is usually a 3-4 month wait to begin this work