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F*ck Your Business Open with Bliss, Ease, and Massive Abundance
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What is Pleasure Creation?

An accelerated container of quantum sex and business principles to fast-forward you into bringing your wild, epic desires into fruition.

You can…

Create and manifest your gift into the world from a place of divine alignment and unlimited potential/void space that you tap into through your self-pleasure
Delight in your wild sexual adventures and use the energy of full aliveness to create content and be in service to those in need
Easily magnetize ideal clientele and opportunities due to the fullness of your pleasure, and be reminded of this ease whenever you begin to feel “drained”
Create consistency in your business by re-filling your cup through quantum principles of tantra, kink, and self-pleasure practices
Lean into a potent container of other leaders who are creating from ease, bliss, and abundance

I’m Genevieve

I’ve built a multiple 6-figure pleasure business in two years using simplicity, ease, and wild pleasure. People are often so floored that I spend ~3 hours per day in self-pleasure and bliss! I have supported dozens of people in owning their inner artistry through pleasure and sex and then placing that out in the world and created this course to accelerate the process through quantum group leaps into ease and abundance.

Pleasure Creation is for you if…


You’ve been wanting to create a business or creative manifestation in the world for YEARS and are tired of it feeling impossible, scary, or moving incredibly slowly.


You’re tired of the “business” courses that force you to fit into an exact replica of the teacher and the “right/wrong” systems of how to do this, you’re ready to break the mold!


You want to expand rapidly into quantum wealth creation and “skip” the steps of having to sell low-end services or products


You want to magnetize thousands of followers with ease and Beingness


You’re ready to take your personal relationships up a notch and find deep commitment and vulnerability with epic humans


You are a Pleasure Academy graduate and had a delicious time reclaiming your pleasure and remembering who you are.


You are tired of “playing by the rules” and ready to make a quantum shift in creating your own reality


‘”What’s shifted for me? I’m listening to others more, I pay attention, I speak from my desires, I’m growing a backbone, I stand up for myself, I put myself first, I’m happy and I love myself, I think about what I want and when I’m happy and fulfilled so is everyone else.”


‘”I felt a lightness after the weekend, an openness to myself, a willingness to explore me and my body more often, getting to know me, intimately, willing to stretch out of my comfort zone.”


‘”The biggest result for me was realizing that there’s nothing about me that I need to fix.”


””Giving myself permission to take up space and play. I am dancing now more than I have in years after all our dance parties. I feel like I have been gifted so many tools to step further into my understanding of pleasure for my experience. I left the weekend glowing and juiced up on all the growth I felt and saw. I feel a deeper enjoyment for life, a foundation that I can continue to build on.”


In Pleasure Creation, you will…

Embody sex magick creation to create the business and life of your dreams
Have a profound sense of inner “knowing,” so that you never have to doubt your business or personal decisions again
Feel the depths of your pleasure and expansive capabilities as a leader and act from THAT space of being
Connect deeply with a community of sovereign leaders, committed to shifting the world in love and pleasure!
FINALLY create the magic that you’ve been looking to create in the world and watch as the massive impact begins to flourish

Think of Pleasure Creation like taking a sneak peek into all of my magical tools, tips, and tricks that I use to create a yummy, abundant business with ease and flow. The people in Pleasure Creation become a part of my family and get to experience an inside look into what really goes on in my world of juicy, raucous creation!

Pleasure Creation has a 2.5 day retreat in person in NYC, so you get to be in the flesh and receive deep transmissions, integrated knowledge, and limitless possibilities in person!

Most people struggle to believe that you can build a successful business and creation based on the quantum principles of pleasure.

I’m here to remind you that it is not only entirely possible, but that it is THE new way of “doing” anything at all.

At your core, you are already free. You are already infinite. You are already wildly successful and massively abundant

Pleasure Creation is a continual reminder of this home base, of this reality.

So it may feel totally crazy jumping into something so “magical,” and it will continue to feel that way until you truly jump in, lean into an entirely “new” way of creating, and let yourself be fully amazed at the ease, bliss, and abundance that’s already here, waiting for you!

Becoming a part of Pleasure Creation is a highly selective process. Please fill out this application in its entirety, and then team will conduct an interview with you to see if you’re a good fit for this immersive container.


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