I’m Genevieve…

and I’m here to TURN YOU ON!

Turn you on? What does that mean, you say?

It’s your fire, your passion, your purpose, your pleasure, and the delicious beginning of the most epic orgasms that will blow your mind, literally! It’s a completely new way of playing and Being with the world. One of epic proportions, creating miracles, and living a life FULL of joy, love, and laughter!

I have always been able to see energy between two people, it wasn’t until I was older that I realized what I was seeing: chemistry, turn-on, passion, power, pleasure, and purpose flowing within and between people. I can see the interconnectedness of all beings without trying. I can immediately notice where your energy body is stuck, blocked, or in pain. Turn on is allowing the energy to flow freely. My job is to step into your life to support that freedom and flow.

Though I’ve been doing this my whole life, the professional side of things began as a NYC Dominatrix in the late 2000’s. I learned the intricacies of sexual shadows and how to dance and play with some of the most interesting energies that I’ve ever seen. I guided thousands of transformational kink sessions during that time, and turned on many people!

From there, I dove deep into sexual shamanism and yoga, using my inherent ability as a medium and psychic to support people in soul retrievals, energetic pain release, and hands-on healing.

I now work alongside Jaiya (the creator of The Erotic Blueprints™, sexologist for Tony Robbins and other celebrities) as one of her Master Trainers, to bring the entire world back to an innate remembrance of their natural ability to feel consistent ease, pleasure, and ecstatic aliveness. I also lead various trainings, workshops, groups, and a select few 1:1 clients to bring their sexual aliveness into a peak state so that they can create the reality of their dreams… all through the magic of their erotic energy! It’s a ridiculously fun “job” and I wake up every day in complete gratitude that I get to live this way!

You see, I work from a space of embodied knowing that every single one of us on the planet is already whole, complete, perfect, and FULL of pleasure.

My work is to watch people remember who they are, again. This wholeness, this perfection, this ecstatic aliveness, and giggle along with them as their life becomes full of miracles from that remembrance. Gone are the days of having to constantly heal, work harder, or become better. You’re already it. Everything’s already done, it’s simply a matter of waking up to the Truth of you, of us, of this brilliant life orgy that we’re all playing in! How delicious it is, isn’t it?!


Sabrina Kudic

Sabrina is a certified Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Coach™ as well as a trained Mental Health First Aide responder in New York City. Their mission in this World is to remind others of their oneness and the boundless connection we all have to mind, body, and spirit. Through their own personal journey into recovery and erotic reclamation they have adapted an Eastern philosophy of Mindfulness and Meditation; a fiery passion towards life, Nature, and unconditional love; and the significance of coming back home to your body through movement and Erotic play. It is through their work of dismantling old paradigms within us and embracing all aspects of ourselves that they have become capable of living life authentically, ecstatically, and of simply being. Their beingness has been able to help maintain and facilitate to others the significance of feeling whole so that we may live our lives to the fullest and in our deepest of Pleasures!

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